Pastel on Archival Paper
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This is a portrait I completed recently for a friend.  The little girl's name is Cora and she is so cute with an adorable personality.  I hope I captured this.

Her Costume and Creole Woman

Her Costume
Pastel on Archival Paper
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Creole Woman
 Pastel on Archival Paper
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Chasing Fechin

Study of Fechin's Peasant Woman
Charcoal on Paper 11x14

Study of Fechin's Self Portrait
Charcoal on Paper 11x14

Older Works in Realism

Oil On Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Linen

Oil on Linen


oil on Linen


Oil on Linen

Oil on Linen

Oil on Canvas

My Beloved Friends

These are the hardest posts for me cause my pets are the most important thing in my life.  They are always there for me.  True unconditional love.  So when one is gone from life, it literally breaks my heart.

October 18th around noon, I lost my Lily.  She had a thyroid condition and I thought she was doing better. The day before she didn't want to eat but was so active.  She wanted to go outside but something told me not to just let her out so I carried her and we looked at the plants and flowers still left from summer.  Then she went into my bedroom and layed on my pillows for awhile.  She seemed like she was having a good day.

The next morning (Thursday) she was laying on her bed and didn't get up.  She was dreaming so I let her sleep. I thought she must be extra tired from the day before. Then I realized she wasn't moving much.

I called the Vet thinking maybe she was just not feeling well.  But when I picked her up to put her into the carrier, she was so still and not reacting much.  My heart sank.  By the time I got her to the Vet he told me she was already going through the dying process.  He stayed with me and listened to her little heart.  I just kept petting her.

Although her heart was still kind of beating he said, I knew she was gone from me. Her eyes weren't responding to me.  I knew she wasn't with me anymore. I miss you My Lily Pod - I miss you so.

Lily was really a beautiful kitty.  She had the most gorgeous markings for a Siamese and her one back foot was totally white.  She loved this one area of my garden.  This spring when she loved to go outside by the apple tree, I'll sprinkle a few of  her ashes.  She loved it there.

aka Miss Lily Pod
October 18, 2012
I will always love you


For quite some time, I have been trying to gain the trust of the most adorable little tabby with blue crossed eyes.  Since I live in the country I do get many kitties that are "barnyard only" from my neighbors.  These kitties tend to be rather distrusting of people and just come around for extra treats and to visit and many are homeless.  Over the years I've had several.  Found homes for most and did the best with the rest giving them warm shelter and food.

This last one I named Albert.  For reason this little guy really got under my skin.  During all my stupid medical garbage, his health took a turn for the worse.  I noticed he wasn't as fat and happy.  As soon as I could I took him to my vet and discovered he had lymphatic cancer.  My vet told me it was best to put him down because he would suffer so much. 

It had taken me a long time to gain his trust and I feel so horrible about the entire incident.  I hope there is a heaven and he's finally at peace and loved more than I ever could love him.  I had him cremated.

I will always love you Albert.  You will always be part of my heart.

ALBERT aka Peachy Kitty
June 9, 2011